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Offering a complete array of permit, code and inspection consulting services, at Burnham Nationwide we offer a systematic, professional approach that streamlines and navigates the complex planning, submission and approval process so that you don’t have to.



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At Burnham Nationwide we are dedicated to providing a special experience to every client and every project. 20 years of experience in the construction industry, working in over 3,000 cities, obtaining 100,000 permits nationwide, we have the experience necessary to help with all of your permitting needs. Our people, dedication and passion is what sets us apart from the competition.

At Burnham we are committed to “simply getting it done”.


Burnham’s Industry Blog – Catch up with the latest information on permit expediting, code consulting, LEED certification, and sustainable design consulting through the eyes of Burnham’s employees. Final Review offers a personal perspective and allows you to engage in conversation with us on the industry issues that affect you most.



"Burnham is a first-rate operation. I rely on them to coordinate many of the permit-related tasks that I am too busy to do myself. I draw on their knowledge on changing municipal requirements, proactive problem solving and would definitely recommend them to others."
Rich Neubauer,
"I've had great success with Burnham for permit expediting, and recently learned they offer code consulting. They are great in meetings and provide excellent reports supported by detailed research and experience. I will use them whenever I have code issues on a project."
Jeff Kennedy,
Centaur Construction
"I like Burnham because their response time is terrific. They're professional with a systematic approach and solid corporate infrastructure - and their web-based system shows me exactly what is happening with my permits at all times."
Tom McCloskey,
The Related Companies, L.P.
"Working with Burnham makes the best use of my resources. It would be too costly for me to have staff who know as much as they do about the permit process."
Mike Moravek,
The John Buck Company
"Burnham is always a vital part of our Project Team. Their level of service and professionalism far surpasses their competition. The first call I make when a new project comes in is to Burnham."
Gregg Navins,
OMARA Organization, Inc
"We have tried other permit services in the past but only Burnham delivers the level of detail, follow through and accountability necessary to be successful in today's complex permit acquisition arena."
Dave Morgan,
The Body Shop
"Speed and efficiency are paramount, we aren't looking for just another layer of project management. Burnham gets the process due to their strong knowledge of jurisdictional requirements, and excellent working relationships with municipal staffs."
Glenn D. Middleton,
Design Forum
"We have come to rely heavily on Burnham's expertise... they have developed a professional consulting practice that we are proud to be associated with."
Michael T Clune,
Clune Construction Company

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